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Combining old homeopathic remedies with elevated design and beautifully crafted scents, US Apothecary uses quality botanicals and plant extracts to create home, bath and body products that exceed the most exacting standards. Herbs, spices, roots and flowers are combined with botanical extracts and organic ingredients to create all of the US Apothecary lines. Each line has a unique set of purposeful and beneficial properties that have been used in recipes and remedies for centuries.

Launched in 2013

Made in the USA

Minimum Opening Order:  £500/€550 Multi Brand Buy

Order Lead Time if out of stock: 3-4 weeks

Ships from our warehouse in the UK

This 9 oz. bar is truly a treat. Made in the U.S.A. FragranceMade with natural milk proteins and oatmeal extract, this fragrance is a soft and soothing scent with hints of sweet milk, therapeutic oatmeal and grounding chamomile.Fill9.0oz / 255g ..
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